Mission Statement:

The PSM is an organisation run by its members for its members. Its ambition is to satisfy its member’s interest in magic whilst promoting the art to the general public. It expects to achieve this by way of regular meetings at which members, visiting magicians, and prospective members exchange knowledge.


1. The membership of PSM will, at its AGM, appoint an executive committee (by vote if necessary) to conduct its business. The executive committee will comprise the following officers:- President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. Committee decisions will be made by not less than 3 of the above officers. At its discretion the membership may appoint, or the executive committee may co-opt, further ad-hoc officers to assist in the duties of the committee (eg; Sale, Exchange and Lecture Day Organiser, Librarian, Publicity Organiser, Webmaster, New Member Representative).

2. Membership of the society is confirmed by an annual subscription which becomes due at the AGM. Subscriptions not paid within 2 months of the AGM will become liable to a monthly surcharge approximately equal to 1/12 the annual fee (starting from the end of the 2nd month). Members not having paid at this stage will be reminded by the Treasurer who may initiate Cessation of Membership procedures at the end of the 4th month from the AGM. The committee may postpone or waive membership fees in appropriate circumstances.

3. Ex-members of the society may re-apply for membership. They will be liable for a (re) joining fee together with the proportional subscription due for the current year. Such candidates may be required to audition, at the committee’s discretion.

4. Prospective members will, normally, be expected to attend 2 or more meetings within a 4 month period at which time the committee may invite the candidate to audition for membership. The Secretary will notify the committee’s decision in writing to the candidate. New members become liable for a joining fee equal to two thirds of one years subscription together with a proportional subscription for the remainder of the society’s year.

5. The parents of applicants below the age of 16 will be advised by the committee concerning the acceptability of such an application. A member in full time education on the day of paying a joining or membership fee will pay at half full membership rate.

6. The Society wishes to promote the highest standards of ethics within the practice of magic. To further the maintenance of these standards it may expel any member who brings these standards into question. In such circumstances the committee, who will have given the member in question the opportunity to explain their conduct, may bring a recommendation for expulsion to any normal meeting of the Society. A decision will be made by a simple majority of the members present. Conducts which might cause this procedure to be initiated are, for example, failure to pay subscriptions, misuse of the library, the divulging of magical secrets to the public, the copying of another member’s routine without their express permission, or other acts of dubious legality or morality.

7. Attendance of non-members at any meeting is at the discretion of the committee.

8. These rules may be amended on the recommendation of the committee at any meeting of the Society providing notification of the amendment(s) has been given verbally at the meeting 4 weeks previously or in writing not less than 10 days prior to the said meeting.

9. The Society may be wound up at a meeting appointed for this purpose by at least 2 of the 4 Executives of the Society (or 1 Executive if less than 3 Executives can be identified). Rule 8 procedures apply. The winding up will be decided by a simple majority of those Full Members present. For the purposes of Rule 9 only Full Members will be defined as those who have paid a full annual subscription for the present and previous year. The assets of the Society (whether positive or negative) will be shared equally among the Full Members. Any asset not having obvious monetary value (such as the President's Jewel) may be given to a person who, in the opinion of the Full Members present, is most deserving of it.

10. Country Membership (half fees) may be offered to anyone, who has been a full or junior member, who subsequently lives more than 50 miles away for more than 2/3 of the year.

Adopted. 20/06/2006

17/06 /2008. a) definition of junior. b) Joining fee reduced to 2/3 of annual subscription.
15/06/2010. Addition of Clause 9.
18/06/12 Addition of clause 10.

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